Cássia Rodrigues

Full of dreams that became my life story every time they come true. All together, they are me.

I am daughter and disciple of two special beings, my biggest masters, “the” love masters. Animals disciple, as well, I learn with all the animals that cross my path and they are a lot. Nowadays, they walk all by my side inside Gaudí, my dog and unconditional love guru.

Eternal traveler soul. Always learning in every journey around the world. I travelled a lot of countries searching for ancestor knowledge. In 2010 I moved to India where I did a deep diving in the Veda world, a journey that changed my life. I was blessed to learn with incredible Yoga and Ayurveda masters, that allowed me to observe, learn and grow. I travelled around Asia and America, where I feed my knowledge in holistic massages and therapies (Sound Healing, Cristal Healing, Thai Massage, Reiki I and II). Always searching for ancestor and native shamanic knowledge. On my Israel, Brasil, Hungary and Portugal travelling journeys I developed my connection with mother water and their endless healing power, learning about water therapies on courses and workshops. Recently, I decided to go deep on breathwork studies, to help the bodies to do its natural work of cleaning the trauma we somatize and keep under the skin.

Teacher and therapist.
Hatha Yoga. Spirituality and Yoga were always part of my life since I was little. Today I’m Hatha Yoga focused. I’ve built my Yoga classes knowledge with two courses in India and more than 17 years of practice that I want to teach in a holistic way, with all the tools that I’ve been learning attached, in individual or group classes.

Ayurveda. With this science of life courses, I was able to learn more about intuitive heal in the last 10 years. I work with this ancestor knowledge and its sacred power. Is part of my massages, appointments and mentoring sessions. I also bring my never ending herbalism and nourishing studies to all of them.

Breathwork and water therapies. With one-to-one or group sessions I want to help everyone on Earth to embrace emotional release and integrate trauma.

Mentor. I am blessed to guide retreats, they give me joy. My work is mainly focused in one-to-one and groups mentoring, to promote an individual deep connection process with the higher self, finding balance between body and soul.

Eternal student, always growing. I’m constantly learning and growing with all the souls and bodies that come to me in Yoga classes, in therapies, appointments or retreats. Expanding with all the travels, merging every place´s nature, they open my heart to life.