Gili Zin

My name is Gili, I am from Israel and have been for the last decade working and treating people with and in Water .
I have been studying,  exploring and diving deep into the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of ones being.
 I am a Watsu practitioner , Waterdance and Fluid Presence Therapist.
I am in love with the depth.
Believe heartfully of the waters ability to Hold Heal and Let go.
A water treatment is an exceptionally enveloping and pleasant experience.
A deep rest , an opportunity of letting go, and  the possibility of one to be in a loving presence with “what is at that very moment”.  There a deep acceptance arises and a spontaneous release takes place.
My work approach is holistic, and I am here to give you a complete and deep journey.
I will guide you to rest simply into your OWN Breathes and I will support you to float on the water. This is where the journey begins, which is largely without words, the treatment can be floating on the surface throughout the session, and can also incorporate parts where I will lead you to dive with your head in the water. This is a magical and optional part.
When I support your body with water, it is easy for me, through the water, to feel the places where there is pain, holding or tension. From deep listening to your body and through a series of movements that include gentle or deep massage (as needed), stretching and breathing work, those held places expand and relax into the water. Physical release  ,emotional release is accompanied  with a feeling of shedding, emptiness and clarity is revealed.
The end of the session is a quiet and special time, a slow awakening from a dream. There are times when there are no words, nor even the need to converse at the end of such a journey. Sometimes there is something that is revealed and requires verbal processing and integration and grounding. I am always there, by your side, to complete the journey back .
See you in the water