Pipaluk Supernova

offers a journey into water, where our sense of movement and  dance, of touch and presence,  meets with the poetry and life force of the waters of the world.

Being in water gives us an amazing opportunity to simply… be. The water embraces it all, fear and bruises, song and joy, our desire to be moved and held, and to float with no effort.

Connecting my experience in movement and dance with the water is a continuous research. My work is inspired by the movement awareness technique  ’Contact Improvisation’ and experiential anatomy ‘Body Mind Centering’, that I adapt to the low gravity conditions of a pool or an ocean.

I’m a dancer and a teacher,  I coach, give lectures, and continue to create projects and research around the world. I’ve studied with many great international teachers, in water dance and watsu with Shantam, Inika Spence and Harold Dull.

I also work as a choreographer in the world of art and dance, creating international dance performances and art installations, often investigating the element of water, and taking place in water locations, like harbors, rivers and lakes.