Shira Maim Haim

Born and raised in Israel

‏Walking the path of water since 2012.

‏Hydrotherapist and body&soul therapist in different ways as:

‏Watsu | Waterdance | Fluid Presence

‏In the past years she has studied and researched through her work of the water element

‏With the basic questions of 

‏- How can we use water as a tool for self healing?

‏- How does water affect our bodies, hearts and souls?

‏- How can we have an impact on the water with our intentions and prayers?

These fascinating topics bring her to the deep true connection and gratitude to living water.

From the passion to be in hot springs 

‏Shira goes on travels around the globe 

‏Where she offers water treatments and support different water and land retreats with the best teachers in the world.

I love the Water

‏The water rise through me

‏And bring out my biggest achievements

‏The Master in me

‏And the strenghts that are within me


‏Thank you for the opportunity to support body heart and soul

‏In warm water