Tiago Rouxinol

Tiago Rouxinol born in 1977 at Porto, Portugal. Has a master degree in Environmental Education, and works has a musician and healer in Algarve. Tiago have been traveling the world since 1999, when he moved to Brasil and found the great passions of his life, the Love for the Nature, the Healing work and Meditation, the music and capoeira. After Brasil and South America, he went to India where he spend 7 years of his life studying deeply at Auroville all this arts. He found Liquid Flow in 2007 and fall in love with the water work, and have been working a lot with the fusion of massage and music, creating the Music Water Flow. The therapies in the water have been since than part of his life and have been giving sessions for 15 years in Festivals has Boom and also private sessions using Natural sources of water has his favourite places has lakes and hotsprings. Tiago he is also part of the Eco Village movement, he has been living in different communities at different countries and 4 years ago created his own place , Yemada farm , a place for re connection and endless learning. He also have been worked has teacher in different schools for youth and he s a facilitator of workshops in Festivals all around the world.