Yotam Rotschild

Yotam was born and raised in Japan, where he was exposed from a young age to an ancient culture – the use of water as a source of purification both for external and internal cleansing ritual. After moving to Israel, he gravitated to water sports, particularly connected to the the theraputic power of the water. He first came across water as a medium for therapeutic work as a young adult traveling the world and immediately related it to the basic therapeutic experience of everyday water use – the shower, a creek, the warm water in nature or even a good dip in the sea. Since 2015, Yotam has focused on treating by combining soul and body. He has a Social Work degree and trained in Fluid Presence, Watsu, and Waterdance therapeutic modalities and treats at his clinic in Mikhmoret, a small beach village. As time passes, Yotam, a father of two and partner of one, continues to expand his knowledge from the water itself, the most profound teacher of all.