Terms & Conditions

General Access Conditions

  1. The minimum age for entry is 18 years old.
  2. Minors aged between 0 and 18 may access the space, provided they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, and the signature of a liability waiver is mandatory. Our session services cannot be sold to minors. 
  3. The consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises is expressly prohibited.
  4. Access is not allowed to people who are visibly intoxicated or with behavioral disorders, which could disturb the tranquility of the space.
  5. The use of a low tone of voice when staying inside and outside the space is strongly advised, so as not to disturb others and enjoy this experience in a peaceful way.
  6. If you suffer from a health problem, please consult our website and find out which health conditions or emotional state may not be recommended for you to enjoy one or all of the available services.
  7. Liquidzome is not responsible for any injury or accident occurring in space if the rules of use are not respected.
  8. Liquidzome is not responsible for thefts that occur in space. To do this, you must protect your goods and leave them locked within the available areas.

Usage rules

  1. The use of a bathing suit is mandatory. If you haven’t brought yours, contact reception (we have bathing suits available for sale).
  2. There is reception spot and you must leave your belongings there.
  3. There are no male or female changing rooms, but a space for bathing, massage and relaxation for individual use.

Check in

  1. We advise you to arrive 15 minutes before your reservation time. Once your shift has started, it is not possible to make up for unused time.
  2. If you have a reservation and do not show up within 15 minutes of the appointment, the reservation will be void and no refund will be made.


  1. We recommend that you make your reservation in advance, through this website or through our reservation reception at the festival or by  email ([email protected]).
  2. The site does not allow reservations up to 1 days before the session. To book an urgent session within the next 24 hours you must use our telephone contacts or contact us at the reception.
  3. To guarantee reservations made on the website, by email, telephone or at reception, the total amount must be paid up to 24 hours before the date of use.

Canceling or modifying the reservation

  1. Reservations can be canceled or modified without penalty for the session up to a maximum of 24 hours before the scheduled date.
  1. Cancellations within 24 hours prior to the session time, the user receives the possibility to reschedule the session, subject to a payment amount. In this case, the reservation amount will be converted into a voucher to be used within 1 month at Liquidzome Temple..

About your contribution to the organization

  1. By participating and enjoying the activities promoted on Liquidzome, you are contributing to the purpose of the Solid Prosperity Association, with NIPC nº515650404, which aims at the global development of holistic, scientific, therapeutic and cultural aspects related to water, supporting and disseminating beneficial and sustainable alternatives to use, investigate and safeguard it, unifying common interests and/or promoting projects, lectures, training courses and people related to the same theme, whether at a pedagogical, therapeutic, scientific or environmental level.
  2. The focus is mostly given to water, but it does not end with this element. It is a common notion among associates that there is an interconnection between all things, as well as the need for harmony between them, so that it is possible to generate balance, abundance and self-sufficiency in a sustainable way for all. We believe that, by promoting knowledge and personal, local and global development – through experiences of positive interaction with nature, the regenerative capacity of its elements and examples that inspire new ways of observing, reflecting and acting – we are also contributing to the social, environmental and planetary well-being.